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    Interior Car Detailing Spokane

    This is not a DIY kind of cleaning with a vacuum and sanitation wipes. MK Services will go far beyond the distance of the sanitation wipes and vacuuming by giving you the ultimate experience of transforming a used vehicle back to a newer state. MK Services uses professional grade, environment friendly products to clean your automobile and we clean in places that the naked eye may not catch. The cleaning of the following will be done to the vehicle depending on the package that fits you:


    • Air vents
    • Door jams
    • Headliner
    • Cupholders
    • Seat
    • Center console
    • Control panels
    • Seat railings
    • Floor mats
    • Gas and brake pedals
    • Windows.


    Each surface will be cleaned with a degreaser, shampooed and/or steam cleaned depending on what method works best for the vehicle and to give you great satisfaction with our services.

    Exterior car detailing Spokane WA

    Exterior details go far beyond going to a car wash in your local area and leaving with some debris removed. Did you know that a hand wash is better for your vehicle’s paint longevity, due to car washes leaving hundreds upon thousands of scratches on your car? With an exterior detail from MK Services, we will clean your vehicle top to bottom with hand washing. We provide buffing to the paint of the vehicle that can remove the scratches, and allow your paint to not only pop, but look new again. MK Services will also clean the wheel wells, tires, and rims, leaving your tires and rims with a shine with our top-of-the-line products.

    Ceramic coatings in Spokane WA


    A ceramic coating was designed to be a money saver for all car owners since paint jobs are thousands of dollars, so here’s where we come along. MK Services will apply this product that not only gives your vehicle a gloss shine, but the product allows water to repel, snow to not stick, bird droppings to be easily wiped off, and bug guts to not stick.

    A ceramic coating is a multiple step process ensures the clear coat of paint will have an abundance of life. Your paint can be protected for as little as one year, or you can go with the most recommended product that protects your paint for five years or more. Save time and money with our auto detailing crew for your ceramic coating and the best part: we still come to you! Call us for a free quote!

    Headlight Restoration in Spokane WA


    Are your car's headlights appearing dim, foggy, or discolored? Headlights play a vital role in ensuring visibility while driving at night and in challenging weather conditions. However, as time passes, the headlights can become cloudy due to exposure to sunlight, debris from the road, and environmental elements. This cloudiness diminishes the appearance of your car. Headlight restoration is a solution that revitalizes the headlights, eliminates oxidation and flaws, and brings back their clearness.

    Window tinting spokane wa

    Enhance your vehicle's style, comfort, and privacy with our premier window tinting service in Spokane, WA. Our skilled technicians specialize in professional window tint installation, utilizing high-quality materials and precise techniques to ensure flawless results. Our tinting options offer various levels of shade and UV protection, reducing glare and safeguarding your interior from harmful sun rays. With our expert craftsmanship, your windows will have a sleek, uniform appearance that adds elegance to your vehicle while providing increased privacy. Enjoy cooler interiors and protect your upholstery from fading with our trusted window tinting service. Contact us today for a consultation and experience the difference.

    Pressure washing Spokane WA

    We offer residential and commercial pressure washing. Cleaning can be done with or without chemicals. All chemicals are environmental-friendly. Price is dependent on the sqft of the property and the size of the vehicle and the travel. Contact for a free quote!

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